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Resource Talk

“I still believe that sitting down and reading a book is the best way to really learn something. And I worry that we’re losing that.”

When the executive chairman of Google (Eric Schmidt) says this, it’s worth asking: what are we losing as Christians if we don’t read books any more? (more…)

Disciple-making discipleship in your church DNA

Resource Talk

In this 11 minute video, Tony Payne (Publishing Director) and Marty Sweeney (North American Ministry Director) talk about the practicalities of growing a culture of disciple-making in your church. In other words, answering the question: “I’ve read ‘The Trellis and the Vine’. What do I do now?” (more…)

Saving Eutychus


Our slightly tongue in cheek trailer for the new book “Saving Eutychus: How to preach God’s word and keep people awake”…

Many books on preaching are published every year; this one is a ‘must’.
– DA Carson

This book deserves to be included in the ‘must read’ category for preachers.
– Alistair Begg

Every preacher needs to read this book every 5 years.
– Ray Galea

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Matthias Media Annual Update

Editorial, Resource Talk

In the print edition of The Briefing (#405) we’ve included an update on how things are going here at Matthias Media, and we wanted to make this available to our online readers as well. We’re so grateful that so many of you care about our ministry and support it in prayer and other ways. We hope this information will help inform your prayers and encourage you with what the Lord is doing. (more…)

→ Preaching that connects


If you’re a preacher in Sydney (or can travel here), Cornhill Sydney is running a really worthwhile day conference that will sharpen and improve your preaching. Minimal cost ($30), lots of benefit.

Speakers are Phil Campbell (Mitchelton Presbyterian, Brisbane), Gary Millar (Principal Queensland Theolgical College) and R W Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church, Minneapolis, USA).

There will be a round-table discussion chaired by Simon Manchester, input on preaching well from the Old Testament, and also practical advice on how to avoid putting people to sleep while you preach.

We will also be launching Gary and Phil’s new book, ‘Saving Eutychus‘.

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Rego: $30 (including morning tea). Please pay on the day.
RSVP: via Facebook or to
Location: St Thomas’ North Sydney

More details

Keep the Faith: review


This week we’ve had a young man with us on work experience. One of the things we asked him to do was to read Keep the Faith and write a book review of it. Paul is only in Year 10 at School, but we think he’s done such an excellent job that we want to give it a wider audience. Here’s his review…

We feel so… powerless. (Blackout in the MM office)

Just letting our Matthias Media and Briefing customers know that our Sydney office has a fairly severe power blackout that looks like it will mean the office is closed all day (Friday). It also means we can’t answer the phones. Nor reply to emails. If you have an urgent order or query, please call our warehouse on (02) 9663 3265 or try us on Monday when it will all hopefully be resolved. (more…)