Faith alone or faith together?

Getting the Gospel Right
R. C. Sproul
Grand Rapids, Baker, 1999.

How can we know if a doctrine or issue is worth splitting a church or denomination over? R.C. Sproul claims to address this very issue, by expounding the essentials of the gospel in which evangelicals are to find unity.


The Prayer of Jabez and other misuses of the Bible


THE Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life
Bruce H. Wilkinson
Multnomah Publishers, 2000.

Hardcover, 96pp.

It is a #1 bestseller in Christian bookstores. In fact, it was a #1 New York Times bestseller. It is a book that promises to revolutionize your life. It is called The Prayer of Jabez. (more…)

The difficult issue of premarital sex

Premarital sex in the world

There is no longer any stigma attached to premarital sex in our society. Pop stars do it, sports stars do it, politicians do it. Hormone levels are raised by advertising, television, cinema, music and magazines. What is discussed is not so much premarital sex, as non-marital sex, or even non-‘heterosexual monogamous life-long relationship sex’.