Lead balloon: Motherhood and Apple Pie


Lead balloons: ideas only slightly too outrageous to be taken seriously.

Recently, Mr Hawke has passed Mr Fraser as the second longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of Australia. It has not been as tumultuous a reign as Mr Whitlam’s, but Mr Hawke has led our nation through a time of rapid social change. Some of it has been for the better and some for the worse—as is the character of social change—but we can rejoice that we continue to be governed in peace and quietness, and are free to meet and to get on with our work of preaching the gospel. It is important that we follow the injunction of the apostle and continue to pray for those in authority.


Are You Ready, Mr Music?

Everyday Ministry

As I move from conference to convention, from houseparty to church, and as we try and select music for our own church meetings, I am consistently left with a sense of dissatisfaction about our present music.


The Search for Worship

Is the current call for a greater sense of worship a return to the faith of the New Testament, a faith which has been eroded by modern pluralism and materialism? Or is it a subtle, and therefore dangerous, distraction from the primary responsibilities of God’s people? (more…)