Keeping it interesting as a young preacher

Pastoral Ministry

Experienced preachers often get asked by young preachers to give them advice on their craft. How do I preach better? Should I preach longer? Or shorter? Should I use illustrations? Should I use a full script or just notes?


When to unite and when to divide


Have you noticed the way in which ‘divisiveness’ has become a completely negative word? If an idea, a statement, a strategy, a proposal is judged to be ‘divisive’ then it is unwelcome. For example in my part of the world, in the Anglican denomination, there is a proposal to authorise lay persons to administer the Lord’s Supper in church, just as lay persons may be authorized to preach God’s Word. This is opposed by some who have no fundamental objection to it, except that it would be ‘divisive’. Therefore it ought not to be pursued.