Just a matter of opinion? Straight answers to curly questions #3

Everyday Ministry

In this series, we have been developing robust and creative responses to some of the most common objections to Christian faith heard today. The first was that all religions are the same, for which we developed a logical response. The second was that religion is just cultural, to which we developed an empirical response. The third idea many people today have is perhaps the most difficult to respond to: it is the idea that religion belongs entirely in the domain of personal opinion, and that one person’s opinion is as good as another.


A gift for preaching

Mastering Contemporary Preaching
Bill Hybels, Stewart Briscoe & Haddon Robinson.
IVP, 1989.

Rediscovering Expository Preaching: Balancing the Science and Art of Biblical Exposition
John MacArthur Jr.& The Master’s Seminary Faculty
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Interchange: ‘Can Christians fall away?’

In Briefings #299 and #300 we published a two-part series on the doctrine of assurance (‘Safe in the shadow of the LORD’). The first article in the series, ‘Can Christians fall away?’ written by Andrew Heard, attracted more feedback than we could publish in the print version of The Briefing. Much of the feedback was helpful to the discussion so we’ve included all of it below, in no particular order other than the date on which it was received.