Changing the way you look

When you look at people, what do you think about? As you walk along the street; when you talk to your work mates; when you meet new people—how do you look at them? What do you think about them?


Do as I do


RElational Leadership

Relational Leadership
Walter C. Wright
Paternoster Press, 2002, 230pp.

Walter Wright has collected a range of helpful leadership wisdom into this book on Christian leadership. The sources he draws upon include secular leadership material, his own experience (which includes over a decade as President of Regent College, Vancouver), and the Bible—in particular Jude, Philemon and Colossians.


A long, hard look at ourselves


Jane Tooher developed this article on self-image from a conference address to Christian women, but its argument about where we find our sense of self applies more broadly. Her question: is it possible to understand yourself without reference to God?



It is always interesting to hear the first sermon a minister preaches in his parish, as this is often a key to what he regards as his most important message. And so it is of special interest to note what Jesus preached in his opening sermons.