Introducing: The Sola Panel

The word ‘blog’, I gather, is a contraction of ‘web log’. I’ve been reading blogs on and off for a couple of years now, and it seems to me that ‘blog’ isn’t the only new word we need to describe what goes on in the ‘blogosphere’. Other handy words might be ‘binane’, ‘brudeness’ and ‘bwaste of beveryone’s time’.


The slow death of congregational singing

Everyday Ministry

It seems like genuine, heartfelt congregational singing is experiencing its dying gasps. But why does it matter and why should we care? Mike Raiter brings us back to the Bible to inject our singing with new life.

I was at a convention recently, seated near the rear of the auditorium. The music team at the front were ‘leading’ (and I use that word advisedly) and we were singing. Well, we were meant to be singing. And so I did what I’ve done quite often lately: I closed my eyes and listened to the singing. The song leaders with their microphones were clear and distinct. I could identify each of the several instruments accompanying the singers. But if you blocked out the ‘worship team’, all that was left around the building was a barely audible murmur. I opened my eyes and looked around. Most folk were either standing silently, not even making a pretence of singing, or were little engaged in the activity. (more…)

Podcast: Preaching and personal ministry


Tony Payne and Gordon Cheng reflect on the differences between the USA and Australia in the area of personal ministry (MP3).

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