Dispensing with evangelism

Everyday Ministry

Evangelism is the Christian equivalent of paying tax: we dread it, we try to avoid it and we would prefer that everyone except us was obliged to do it. But somehow, despite our fear and resentment, we sense that it is a right and proper thing to do and, just as it warms your heart to see that tax refund smiling at you from the letterbox, it is so good to see someone converted and bubbling over with the new-found joy of new life in Christ.


Published Abroad: Why, where, and how should Christians meet?

Pastoral Ministry

Reproduced from Evangelicals Now, February 1993. Used with permission.

With its building desperately over-crowded, the Round Church had to rethink from the Bible such issues as the purpose of a building, the meaning of worship, the purpose of meeting—and the nature of the church. This is more than the story of one church; it has lessons and relevance for every church.