When church is like an ABC documentary


When surveyed about what should be on television, most people say they want more documentaries. The ABC has certainly complied with this wish, giving us documentaries on every conceivable (and inconceivable) subject. We have wandered the art world of Europe, the reproductive cycle of the ant, the history of dance, and the wonders of the cosmos. We have delved into the history of war and the history of love, the history of science, even the history of Christianity.


I’d like an argument, please

As moral debates of all kinds rage in our community, Christians feel the need to speak out. The trouble is, whenever we make strong moral statements, we end up sounding like were defending morality rather than preaching the gospel. How do we argue for Christian morality in a post-Christian society? (more…)

The gospel to Greeks

Everyday Ministry

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks came to Australia in the post-war migration boom. They came in search of wealth and a better future for their children.


Where are the entrepreneurs?

One of the best-kept secrets in the Christian world is that gospel work needs money. Yes, Jesus did say “You cannot serve God and Money” and Paul backed him up with “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”-So its understandable that Christians are loathe to give the subject too much airplay. (more…)

Pelagius rides again

A fifth century heretic in modern clothes is abroad on the Australian Christian scene. To find out what he’s doing here and why he’s talking so much about baptism, read on…