A dead loss

It’s an old joke that the public ministry of funerals is a dead loss. All would agree that the ministry of the gospel in the funeral of a congregation member is one of the most meaningful and valuable parts of church life. But the public funeral ministry of total strangers-is it worth doing?


Four ways to live?

Life, Sola Panel

In our world there are no absolutes. The opinion poll has become the arbiter of moral values. Having removed God from the system, modern man has discovered that the concepts of ‘truth’ and ‘authority’ have departed with him.


Commentary: Mark, Genesis


Among the introductory studies to this gospel, serious students should look at R. P. Martin’s Mark—Evangelist and Theologian (Paternoster, 1972). This raises all the background matters and interesting questions currently in debate and refers to relevant articles and books on various topics and themes. (more…)

Is heaven democratic?

Democracy is really an attempt to rebuild the tower of Babel. It is an attempt to gather everybody together under one system whereby mankind can rule the world without reference to God. You might argue that all human government has this characteristic. (more…)

The view from Church House: An analysis of ‘Sydney Anglicans’


Historians (and book reviewers) tell us something about their subjects and a lot about themselves. History forms an important part of our self understanding, but the reverse is also true—our perception of history is shaped by our attitudes and theories. This is reflected in the contemporary bicentennial passion for our past, and in the publication of a diocesan history commissioned by the Standing Committee of the Synod of the Anglican Church in Sydney. Two professional historians, both Anglicans, Professor Kenneth Cable and Dr Stephen Judd, have produced a serious contribution to our historical understanding. It does not claim to be an exhaustive or definitive description of the Sydney diocese, but does seek to give a thematic explanation of various events and their long term effects on the diocese. It is an interpretation of the diocese with a major focus on the developing churchmanship of Sydney. (more…)

Cumbered with a load of care?

With the therapy business booming and the importance of sensitive, competent Christian counselling now widely accepted, are we beginning to suffocate under the weight of people’s problems? Is there a danger in giving counselling and problem-solving too high a priority? The Briefing examines some of the issues for us and our churches. (more…)