Leadership: Avoiding the pitfalls: A gospel of leadership


LeadershipRise was the title on the glossy brochure that I pulled out of the letterbox recently. Aside from my curiosity as to why every second seminar these days has to have the word ‘rise’ in it somewhere, my real question was: How come we’ve got this avalanche of leadership-related books and seminars? One more leaflet in the letterbox and I think I will be well and truly buried.


Drugs in the classroom


“Genesis 1:12, sir. ‘God made every seed-bearing plant’.”

The adolescent theologian smirked in triumph. I had to admit he had a point. Didn’t God make all things, including drugs? Weren’t they to be received with thanksgiving? And yet, of course, the suffering caused by drugs is immense, both in terms of numbers of lives affected and within individuals and their families. As one student of mine wrote about the choice to take drugs: