Reason vs. prejudice

Couldn't Help Noticing, Life

I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on a preaching workshop with David Jackman from the London-based Cornhill Training Course. David made some telling points from a survey of apostolic preaching from Acts 17-20, and one in particular struck me.



Life, Word Watch

In current PPC1 English, the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ have been banned and replaced by the single word ‘partner’. I would like to be able to mock this in loud derisive tones as being part of the modern corruption of language. Sadly, the facts get in the way.


Changed by the Cross of Christ

The death of Jesus takes many things out of our hands. Christ died instead of me, to pay the penalty for my sinful rebellion against God my creator. He died, so I don’t die. All that is required of me is to sit back and allow Jesus to do it all for me—purchase my forgiveness and qualify me to share in the inheritance God has reserved for his adopted children. It leaves me a passive (but very grateful) bystander. (more…)