The blessing of infertility


I’m surprised that in this world of political correctness, the word ‘infertility’ still exists. I would have thought by now that my wife and I would have been classed among the ‘reproductively challenged’, or some other ghastly term. ‘Infertility’ is certainly a word we have both come to know and accept over the last three years—more as an embarrassing out-of-town relative than as a dearly loved member of the family.


The Christianity of Costello


The Reverend Tim Costello is famous. Not simply because he’s the brother of the Australian Treasurer, but for a ministry of social action which in its own right has had a wide influence and enjoys a good reputation. From legal practice and street ministry in St Kilda, to being the Mayor of that same city, to having an increasing national voice on social issues, and now as the President of Australian Baptists, Costello’s responsibilities and profile have grown. He is actively sought out by the Australian media for his opinion on a whole range of issues, religious and social. With this high profile, Costello is able to speak passionately and articulately about issues such as gambling, and so bring attention to the damage and injustice that are taking place in the name of ‘progress’. For this we must be thankful. (more…)

The culture of self and the kingdom of God

Bill Muehlenberg is National Secretary of the Australian Family Association and teaches apologetics and ethics at several Melbourne Bible Colleges.

After two millennia of church history, the Christian church is at a crossroads. For the first time in human history, contemporary culture is seeking to build a kingdom with no thought or recognition of God. Secularism has triumphed in the late twentieth century, and as the twenty-first emerges, a great challenge faces the Body of Christ. Simply put, will the church allow itself to be seduced by the culture it finds itself in, or will it reemerge as a genuine counter-culture, fully upholding the values and worldview of a kingdom that has held sway for nearly 2000 years?


Is the church a house of worship?

An e-mail dialogue with Don Carson

From: Tony Payne

To: Don Carson

Subject: Worship

Dear Don,

Don’t you just hate it when you have a conversation and think afterwards of all the things you wish you’d said? After our interview on worship, I had just this experience. In particular, I wish that I had explored with you further about whether we should think about church in the categories of worship. Seems to me that we were in thorough agreement whilst ever we were talking about what we should actually do in church, etc. I remain deeply puzzled, however, about your fondness for retaining worship language to describe the endeavour. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. Or perhaps there is more to it.


The Bible and homosexuality

Three studies for small groups

Natasha Langford is a student worker in Melbourne, Australia.

These studies can be used by anyone wishing to explore the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. They may be especially useful for people dealing with same-sex attraction and seeking to understand God’s word on sexuality, suffering and sin. Following the studies you will find notes for group leaders to help them with the logic of the studies.