I’d like an Argument please, Mr Hinch

After increasing irritation, a Briefing article, and a letter to Derryn Hinch, Ross Nicholson found himself on national television…

Three and a half million TV viewers sit primed ready to enjoy a bit of controversy. Current affairs programmers scour the papers, news bulletins, letters to editors or letters from viewers to feed this desire. It’s called the ratings game. The gospel doesn’t rate so the television medium is almost a closed shop to any presentation of the gospel in prime time. (more…)

Commentary: Hebrews, Psalms


Hebrews appears to be so formidable that many do not begin to study it in detail and benefit from its riches. An easy introduction would be Donald Guthrie’s contribution to the Tyndale series (1983) or Raymond Brown’s commentary in the Bible Speaks Today series (1982). (more…)

Here come the Koreans

With the eyes of the world now having left Korea, we might turn our attention to some Koreans now living in Australia. One suspects that they are doing more for ‘world peace’ than the Olympic movement… (more…)

A Phoney War

A war against the drug problem–that is what our governments have promised us, and we are still waiting for the battle to begin. So far, the authorities have done little more than engage their pea-shooter: a novel advertising campaign and an education pack for the kids. As the lives of our young people are ruined (and prematurely ended) and our crime rate soars, the casualties seem to be all on the wrong side. (more…)

Commentary: The Pastorals, The Book of Job

The Pastorals

The two letters of Paul to Timothy and the letter to Titus (generally called the Pastoral Epistles) are often treated by scholars as a later creation of some unknown author. This often has the effect of devaluing their teaching and making some regard the Pastorals as only of secondary importance in the canon of Scripture. Therefore, it is important to fins a commentary that will take the claim to Pauline authorship seriously and argue it persuasively. (more…)

Baptism Revisited


Chris Moroney was prompted to write by the article “Ritual and Reality” in Briefing #9:

My experience is quite different. No-one I’ve talked with has chosen the ‘No Frills’ baptism. In the past, I have presented it too negatively, as an option for non-believers. (more…)

Stay Away from Women!

They reckon Paul was a cranky old bachelor. That is why he says things like, “Stay away from the sheilas, fellas” (1 Cor. 7:1–Backoburke Version). Others reckon that he used to be married and that is why he says such things. (more…)

The Evangelical Double Standard

Not an article about women’s ordination

It is garbage night and you are preparing to do your weekly duty. As you put on your slippers so that your socks don’t get all gritty on the garden path, and rummage around for the torch (because you still haven’t fixed the outside light), your spouse interrupts your domestic ritual. (more…)