The alternative society

Thought, Sola Panel

In a recent Briefing, Sandy McMillan encouraged us to take Christ’s love commandment seriously. He urged us not to so overreact to the wonky theology of some that we retreat into loveless, blinkered inactivity when faced with the pressing needs of those around us. Put simply, we need to love our neighbours in word and deed, as Christ has done, and as he has commanded us to do.


Factotum #2: Consumer Friendly Evangelism

Everyday Ministry

A few weeks ago, I was evangelized in my front garden. There I was on a balmy Sunday evening quietly cultivating a few weeds when it was done to me. I was presented with the gospel of environmental salvation. It was very appropriate really, being Sunday and my hands creating new life in mother earth. But I hated it. I always recoil from evangelists, even this very pleasant Greenie. The only way I could cope was to tell him I too was an evangelist and to show off the battle scars from our common despised vocation.