Straight answers to curly questions #1

Everyday Ministry

‘Can Jesus really be as special as you say?’ Sooner or later, this question will come up when people learn that we are Christian. It may emerge in a number of forms, and be asked in a number of ways, but it is rarely far from the surface. In this three-part series, Kim Hawtrey helps us to understand this basic question in its different forms, and equips us with a variety of ways to answer it.


Bagging the masons

Couldn't Help Noticing, Life

Is this a new trend in religious advertising? A local newsagent has advertising printed on its paper bags—not so unusual in itself (The Sydney Morning Herald has an ad on one side). But surprisingly the Freemasons have now started advertising in this way. Describing their social responsibility, dedication to charity and community, the organization is encouraging people to inquire, presumably about joining. For a group traditionally shrouded in secrecy, this seems a remarkably public recruitment drive. Next we’ll be hearing details of the secret handshake …