You CAN get there from here

Everyday Ministry

“Where do you want to go?” the old farmer responded. He leaned a little farther out from his car window and listened again to the hitch-hiker’s question. “No, no,” he replied at last with a wry smile, “No, I’m sorry: you can’t get there from here”.


Building the Christian library: The one-volume commentary


Among the many books that should be part of a basic library, ‘a one volume commentary’ is a necessity. It is almost impossible for most of us to have the best available commentary for every book of the Bible on our shelves. And even if we could, it is still valuable to have the second comment on themes or issues that rise in a given book in order to stimulate our own thoughts. (more…)

Commentary: Acts, Deuteronomy



I. H. Marshall’s Luke-Historian and Theologian (Paternoster, 1970) and R. Maddox’s The Purpose of Luke-Acts (T & T Clark) are worthwhile starters to the book of Acts. There are also some very helpful articles in Apostolic History and The Gospel (Paternoster, 1970) by W.W. Gasque and R. P. Martin. (more…)


Our community is both fascinated and repulsed by the cults, but what should our attitude be? Should Evangelicals be persecuting and seeking to eradicate the cults? Or is religious freedom a more important principle? The Briefing examines the issues.

The land of the Big Banana


Tourism has been discovered by our politicians. We have finally ‘found ourselves’ and now we want the world to find us too. Crocodile Dundee (the real name of screen character Paul Hogan) has exhorted us to “Smile and say g’day” to foreigners who come to our shores. Economists have waxed lyrical about the potential for profits and job creation that lie in the tourist industry. (more…)

Herman who?


‘Hermeneutics’ is a word to impress your friends with—a word to be used with crushing effect in Christian debate (“cannot accept that on hermeneutical grounds”)—a very modern word. ‘Hermeneutics’ is at the centre of a controversy that is sweeping through theological colleges and seminaries throughout the western world, and is filtering into the congregational life of many churches.