The living God who hears


Unlike the idols, our God is a living God. Graham Cole looks at how this should drive our prayer.

Social scientists tell us that most Australians believe in a god—a god who is behind it all. But unfortunately, this god doesn’t seem able to do anything in the 20th century. He or ‘it’ may have got the show started, and he may even be there at the final curtain to see if people have paid for their seats. But during the performance, he remains hidden in the wings, strangely silent.


Fire extinguishers

Thought, Sola Panel

There is a growing consensus that prayer (or lack of it) is a real problem for modern western Christians. The questions is “Why?” Why does prayer seem to be so lacking in emphasis amongst Australian evangelicals? There are great things happening in ministries all over the country, but why is concerted prayer generally not one of them?