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Pastoral Ministry

Name: Richard Coekin

Family: Married to Siân; four children, Charlotte (9), Rupert (7), Rhian (5), Johnny (3).

Ministry background: Trained at Moore College, Sydney, and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; four years at St Mary’s, Manchester; appointed pastor of Dundonald Church, Wimbledon, in 1995, and has served as that church’s first full-time minister since it was planted in 1990.


Revelation and recovery: A wife’s story

Everyday Ministry

I knew practically nothing about homosexuality when my husband of 10 years told me the shocking truth that he would prefer tobe in a relationship with a man. He hadn’t ‘acted out’ or been unfaithful to me in practice but I wasn’t what he wanted. I felt like the poor consolation prize. Due to his Christian values he knew he wasn’t permitted what he really wanted, a gay relationship, so I was better than nothing. Prior to this, I had believed we were happily married. However, my husband was just acting the role of the devoted husband. It was a façade to hide the truth. His Christian life was also almost a sham. He went through the motions of being a committed Christian but in reality he was practically spiritually dead.