After the Silence: Dealing Christianly with abortion

Everyday Ministry

I watched a program earlier this year that ‘exposed’ a clinic in Melbourne accused of pushing pro-life counselling on pregnant women. The clinic includes graphic descriptions of the foetus’s experience during abortion as part of its pre-abortion counselling. When accused of shock tactics, the counsellor replied “It’s not shock tactics but it is shocking”.


Divine Intervention: Genetic engineering and the plan of God


Heart transplants. IVF. The Genome Project. There’s even a rumour about a cure for the common cold.

The potential of medicine seems to grow by the day but the question for Christians remains the same: how much should human beings fiddle with God’s creation? How do we discern between Babel-building and faithfully stewarding the world God has given to us? Using the example of genetic engineering, theologian and ethicist Michael Hill gives us some guidelines for sorting out what kinds of medical activity Christians can welcome.