A multiplicity of new ways to read The Briefing

There are already several available ways to read The Briefing. Some readers like to get the printed version in the post; some prefer to download a PDF; and some read the articles as they become available here online at this site.

But from this month Briefing readers have even more options.

The Briefing ‘ebook’ edition

Over the last few years the publishing industry has developed a popular new way of delivering rich text to readers: the ebook. Ebooks give you a great deal of choice in how you read the content you want to read and on what device(s).

Matthias Media has been making available ebook versions of its books for a while. But we’re pleased to announce that we are now also making available ebook versions of each edition of The Briefing.

You can purchase The Briefing as a PDF, a Kindle file and an epub (the standard format for most ebook readers or tablets/smartphones) through the Matthias Media online store (Australia | United States). Or if you prefer, purchase the Kindle file from Amazon or buy the ebook through the Apple iBookstore.Briefing article on iPad

These ebook versions of The Briefing come with all the great ebook features you’ve come to appreciate and love: the ability to change the font and size of the text, adding highlights and notes, sharing quotes with others via social media, and more.

PLUS Brief books

There’s even more good news for lovers of The Briefing.

As you know, The Briefing is published every second month these days, rather than monthly. So what are you going to read in the second month? Well, we’ve got that covered. We’re launching Brief Books, a new initiative that takes advantage of the digital publishing platform to make available new and extended content that we haven’t quite known what to do with previously.

Every second month we will release one of these Brief Books. Like The Briefing ebooks, you can purchase the Brief Books through Matthias Media’s online store (Australia | United States) Amazon’s Kindle store, or Apple’s iBookstore.

So what sort of thing would come as a Brief Book?

It might be a standalone portion of a forthcoming title. Or a compilation of some Briefing archives on a specific topic. Or maybe an excellent article that was just too long for The Briefing itself.

Whatever it is, rest assured it’ll be wonderfully useful and accessible stuff that nicely complements The Briefing.

So what do I use to read these new Briefing ebooks?

Our aim is to leave that very personal decision to you.

If you love the ease of buying ebooks through your Kindle or Kindle app for Android, that easy option is available. If you love your iPhone or iPad, and prefer using iBooks and the iBookstore to read and buy your books, you can do that. If you want to buy direct from Matthias Media and have the files available for a multitude of devices and take advantage of Matthias Media’s exclusive 2-for1 License, then that’s also an easy way to go.

The choice is yours.

But if you’re an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch user we’re pleased to give you one more option…

The Briefing appBriefing article on iPhone

The Briefing app is an iOS app that allows you to not just access and read The Briefing and Brief Books, but to subscribe to them and have them delivered automatically.

The Briefing app is a free download from the Newsstand section of the iTunes store. Subscriptions and in-app purchases can then be processed in just a few seconds.

For more information and pricing on all of these options, please visit: http://matthiasmedia.com/briefing/magazine/

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