Letters to the editor: A Christian writes

Why write?

I write letters to the editor for a particularly idiosyncratic reason. About five-and-a-half years ago, my middle daughter was born and, unlike my eldest (who once slept uninterrupted for 13 hours), Ruby woke like clockwork at 4 in the morning. I was the one who scored the early shift with the bottle, and while she was being fed, I felt like I needed something to do with the extra time in the day that the Lord had decided to give me. Caring for my daughter is not enough. Give me action! (more…)

Advent Calendar for 15 December-1 January

Everyday Ministry

Explanatory notes

  1. You will need to photocopy/print and cut out the Bible passages below to put in your advent calendar.
  2. The Bible verses are taken from the NIrV. Minor changes to the NIrV have only been made to add the name of a pronoun to make it clear who the pronoun is referring to or to simplify the language for preschoolers. These changes are indicated by square brackets: [ ].