A Reply to Andrew Moody’s ‘Review’ of Jesus and the Father

Andrew Moody’s review appeared in Briefing #341 (February 2007).

Dear Andrew,

In our numerous exchanges over many years on the eternal subordination of the Son and the permanent subordination of women we both have been always perfectly frank with one another. In this reply to your ‘review’ of my book, better entitled “a personal response,” I will again be forthright. What neither of us want is to produce a fog that results in no one being able to work out what they should believe on the most fundamental of all Christian doctrines, the doctrine of God and no one else being clear on what divides us. Please note the use of the word ‘fog’ because I think one of the great weaknesses in what you have written is that time and time again you deliberately or unintentionally because you don’t see the key issue, obfuscate the question in contention.