Hell part 3: Theological reflections on hell

This is the third part of a series on hell. (Read parts 1, 2 [which incorporates 1] and 4.)

The Christian doctrine of hell may be summarized as a real place ruled by God where all who are found outside of Christ at death or at his return experience the eternal conscious pain of punishment, banishment and destruction. It is impossible to write such a frank and sober statement without a number of theological and pastoral issues coming to the fore. The aim of this article is to begin to respond to two of the main theological objections.


Is the church still serious about hell?


Hell is not a popular subject for Christians and non-Christians alike. However, for Jesus, hell was a very important topic—so much so that much of the information we have about it came from him. In this article, Jonathan Gibson explores several alternative views of hell as well as what the Bible says to form a picture of what hell is and why it matters.1