The Dead Sea Scrolls again


Seems like it’s the Barbara Thiering show again. The information jockeys have decided that Dr Thiering’s theories are ‘news’, and so once again we must argue the toss with our non-Christian and quasi-Christian friends over the merits of her arguments.


Commentary: Hebrews, Psalms


Hebrews appears to be so formidable that many do not begin to study it in detail and benefit from its riches. An easy introduction would be Donald Guthrie’s contribution to the Tyndale series (1983) or Raymond Brown’s commentary in the Bible Speaks Today series (1982). (more…)

Commentary: The Pastorals, The Book of Job

The Pastorals

The two letters of Paul to Timothy and the letter to Titus (generally called the Pastoral Epistles) are often treated by scholars as a later creation of some unknown author. This often has the effect of devaluing their teaching and making some regard the Pastorals as only of secondary importance in the canon of Scripture. Therefore, it is important to fins a commentary that will take the claim to Pauline authorship seriously and argue it persuasively. (more…)

Commentary: Colossians, Philemon, Esther



The letter to the Colossians gives us precious insights into aspects of Paul’s teaching that are only alluded to in his other writings. As the apostle deals with false teaching, he develops a magnificent picture of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ and its implications for us. Most commentaries on Colossians also deal with the letter to Philemon which reveals Paul in another light, dealing with a particular problem of personal relationships. (more…)

Commentary: Acts, Deuteronomy



I. H. Marshall’s Luke-Historian and Theologian (Paternoster, 1970) and R. Maddox’s The Purpose of Luke-Acts (T & T Clark) are worthwhile starters to the book of Acts. There are also some very helpful articles in Apostolic History and The Gospel (Paternoster, 1970) by W.W. Gasque and R. P. Martin. (more…)

Commentary: John, Leviticus, Numbers


Introductory Studies

Three good conservative introductions are Leon Morris’s Studies in the Fourth Gospel (Paternoster, 1969), Robert Kysar’s The Fourth Evangelist and His Gospel (Augsburg, 1975) and Stephen Smalley’s John-Evangelist and Interpreter (Paternoster, 1978).


Commentary: Mark, Genesis


Among the introductory studies to this gospel, serious students should look at R. P. Martin’s Mark—Evangelist and Theologian (Paternoster, 1972). This raises all the background matters and interesting questions currently in debate and refers to relevant articles and books on various topics and themes. (more…)