The assault on marriage and family

That the institutions of marriage and family are under threat today is a no-brainer. All the indications point clearly to the fact that that the natural family and the covenant of marriage are both being stretched to breaking point. Many sources of attack could be mentioned, but the activities of the homosexual lobby deserve special mention.


The culture of self and the kingdom of God

Bill Muehlenberg is National Secretary of the Australian Family Association and teaches apologetics and ethics at several Melbourne Bible Colleges.

After two millennia of church history, the Christian church is at a crossroads. For the first time in human history, contemporary culture is seeking to build a kingdom with no thought or recognition of God. Secularism has triumphed in the late twentieth century, and as the twenty-first emerges, a great challenge faces the Body of Christ. Simply put, will the church allow itself to be seduced by the culture it finds itself in, or will it reemerge as a genuine counter-culture, fully upholding the values and worldview of a kingdom that has held sway for nearly 2000 years?