God, sin and Christ: why we need all three

What ever happened to preaching the holiness of God and the seriousness of sin? Martin Foord asks whether our evangelism has been rendered worthless by a loss of nerve.

One day my mother discovered a pimple-like bump on her arm. So she went to her GP for a diagnosis and was told, “It’s nothing to worry about”. However, she decided to get a second opinion from a skin specialist, and this time the diagnosis was radically different: it was melanoma, and she was under the surgeon’s knife within several days. Stories like this remind us uneasily of how perilous it is to be ignorant of bad news. If we have a melanoma, it’s critical we know, otherwise we can’t take the appropriate action. (more…)

Is the Reformation over?


Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom contend that because differences between Roman Catholics and evangelicals have lessened,the Reformation is basically over. Are they right?


Faith alone or faith together?

Getting the Gospel Right
R. C. Sproul
Grand Rapids, Baker, 1999.

How can we know if a doctrine or issue is worth splitting a church or denomination over? R.C. Sproul claims to address this very issue, by expounding the essentials of the gospel in which evangelicals are to find unity.