Encouraging leaders to step up

Pastoral Ministry, Sola Panel

A young man doing MTS recently emailed me to ask this question:

I’ve just read your blogs and review of Leadership on the Front Foot and I had a question. As your review stated, it seems to be a book aimed at new ministers of the gospel. So, having not read the book, I don’t think it seems to be a good book to get information on encouraging young men (university age) to step up and lead. Here lies my question: is my assessment a fair one and, if it is, can you recommend a book that would/could be useful in the situation I’ve outlined?

Before you read on, what would your answer be? What book would you suggest to enthuse a man in his late teens or early twenties in taking responsibility in leadership in gospel ministry?

Death in Romans

Thought, Sola Panel

Did you know that Paul’s letter to the Romans contains about half of all his references to death and dying?

For various reasons—mainly being committed to a team pulpit ministry—I didn’t preach over the last Easter weekend. Or rather, my Easter sermon was delivered the Wednesday before the weekend at our monthly mid-week friendship service to 21 precious frail-aged seniors (the oldest was 101 years old) and their helpers (all women!). (more…)