Welcome to the new Briefing

September 1 has come at last, and we’re thrilled to be launching our new Briefing site. We hope you enjoy having a browse around. Here’s a quick guide to some of the main new features:

  • It’s all free! All our content from now on will go up on this site, without any payment or subscription barriers. If you prefer the paper edition (in which the best of our content will be published every two months), that will cost you a small amount. To find out more about the paper magazine, see all the details here.
  • Pretty much everything is tagged in one of five main categories: Life (growing in godliness and holiness as we live each day as Christians); Thought (growing in understanding and knowledge of God through his Word); Everyday Ministry (being equipped and encouraged for the nuts-and-bolts ministry that all Christians share); Pastoral Ministry (material especially, but not exclusively, for those engaged in full-time ministry); and Review (where we look at books, ministry resources, and anything else we might cast our eye over).
  • These five categories tell you most of you need to know about what we believe and stand for, and what we’re trying to do on this site, but if you want more ‘about us’ sort of info, including our doctrinal statement, go here.
  • The Sola Panel blog is now hosted here on The Briefing site, with six regular panellists from around the world.
  • Col Marshall and I are launching a new podcast called ‘Trellis and Vine Talk’, in which we talk every couple of weeks about some aspect of the ministry that we all share. The first episode will be online in the next few days.

Please tell us what you think about the new site, and fire off any questions you might have. We very much want to contribute to your lives and ministries, so any suggestions on how to do that will always be gratefully received.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Briefing

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  2. Great to see the new site and the freeing up of content from The Briefing.

    I have a couple of questions about comments:

    (1) is there some way to get notification of responses to comments we’ve made?

    (2) is there some time limit on comments? I was reading Kel Richards’ piece on miracles and noted some comments but also that it was not possible (at least for me!) to comment (and I felt that there were problems with the argument that called for a comment).

    Otherwise great work!

    • Hi Martin,

      (1) Working on it.

      (2) Comments close after 3 weeks on articles. At first this will be a little odd since it feels like *everything* is new, but in a few weeks it should be more reasonable. (This is largely to stop spam on old posts, as it’s more of a problem there.)


  3. Love the new site guys! Really thankful that you made
    The Briefing free-will now be a blessing hopefully thousands of Aussies.

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