Meet Angelo,’s First Subscriber

Last week Matthias Media launched, an online world of resources, ideas and encouragement for disciple making. We were keen to get to know some of our subscribers a little better and find out how they planned on using the resources now available to them on We caught up with’s first subscriber, Angelo Porcu.

 Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Angelo Porcu and I live in Esperance WA with my family. We moved here from Sydney in 2011 to serve at an independent evangelical church known as the Bay of Isles Christian Fellowship.

Can you describe what your church is like?

The church has been in existence for approximately fifteen years. The church has a mix of young and old people who come and worship together every Sunday. There are young families who are also well represented. I am trying to encourage them to take on more responsibility within the fellowship, using the gifts that God has given them. We systematically preach through the Bible. We have eight men on the preaching roster, including myself, so the preaching is shared around. There are nine different Bible study groups that meet.

What first caught your eye about

I am a subscriber to Matthias Media and have been for a number of years. When I received their regular newsletter I saw there was this site named When I read it what it was attempting to cater for I was convinced I could use its resources, especially as we train up new preachers, and for the current preachers to use for resources in their sermon preparation.

What prompted you to sign up for

I had in mind the preachers and Bible study leaders that could use the site for obtaining biblical material in preparing to preach or to lead their respective groups. Even I would like to use it as well for my own sermon/bible study/SRE and youth group talk preparation. I would also like to see other members of the congregation use the site for their own study of the bible or devotions and quiet times.

Do you have any plans for using in your church?

I would like to see preachers, bible study group leaders and generally the whole congregation use the site as another resource site for growing in maturity in Christ. Also in leading, training and encouraging people in their growth in godliness and spirituality as the Lord has intended.

How do you hope will help your church?

I hope the resources, ideas and material will help grow the congregation, not in numbers, but in being wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. The Lord has helped me to recognise the need for this maturity and to seriously be reading more of the Word of God, the Bible, rather than predominately books that supposedly tell you “how” to be a Christian. I want to protect the doctrine of the bible and encourage people to live it out here in Esperance and further afield, but to be united in this to the glory of God’s name. With God’s help and in His strength I would like to see people have much more of a heart for reaching out to the non-Christian family member, neighbour, work colleague and friends in pointing these people to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, and I believe that will help to that end, God willing.

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