Trellis & Vine Talk 1 – not about small groups

In this first episode of Trellis & Vine Talk Tony and Col discuss—amongst other things— why the ideas in The Trellis and the Vine are not about small groups and one-to-one. Listen to it here, or download the file to catch up on it later (MP3 | M4A).

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5 thoughts on “Trellis & Vine Talk 1 – not about small groups

  1. Hey guys – will these discussions be available via iTunes/podcast? I’d love to get this automatically downloaded each time – thanks.

  2. Refreshing to listen to clear-minded, Biblical ecclesiology! It is frighteningly absent today. I think you’ll resonate with some of what I have been blogging. I am linking three recent pieces. Please don’t feel obligated to link them to your site. Thank you again!

    Watching out for one another
    How can a Church experience community?
    A tough challenge facing Churches today

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