Meet Brian,’s First American Subscriber

We recently caught up with our first subscriber, but since then we’ve had a variety of “firsts”. Angelo Porcu turned out to be our first Australian subscriber, but we have also had people sign up from all over the world. We spoke to our first subscriber from the United States of America, Brian McCrorie.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am privileged to serve as the Senior Pastor at Heather Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Lord led my family here in 2008 and we have loved the opportunity to grow God’s people here in the American Midwest. We were first introduced to Matthias Media through the “Two Ways To Live” resources, which Mark Dever used in his church in Washington, D.C. After that, we were hooked. We have used many other Bible studies and training resources. We were privileged to host a “The Trellis & The Vine” Workshop at Heather Hills last year.

Can you describe your church to us?

Heather Hills is a Baptist church of about 250 people. We are a mix of ages, races and social classes – all seeking to become more like Jesus through his Word. Our mission is “Sharing Jesus with Our Neighbours and Following Him Together.”

What first caught your eye about

I was invited to participate in some discussion with Tony Payne when he was first considering a major redevelopment of the publishing ministry of Matthias Media. Basically, as I understood it, Tony wanted to keep Matthias Media on the cutting edge of electronic media with a subscription-based service. I have been eagerly watching my email messages for the announcement that it was ready to roll!

What prompted you to sign up for

For me, this was a “no-brainer”. I have yet to be disappointed with any materials we have used from Matthias Media. The resources we have used have all complemented our doctrinal base and mission as a church. Matthias has consistently and faithfully helped me as a pastor to discharge my duty to equip my flock to grow to maturity in Christ. How could I not sign up?

Do you have any plans for using in your church?

When I looked at the list of all the resources Matthias Media is making available through this service, I was almost giddy with excitement. Not only will we be able to make use of most of the resources we are already using, at a substantial cost saving to us, but I am also very excited to explore the many new resources we have not yet utilized, especially the children’s curriculum.

 How do you hope will help your church?

I know that is going to help our church continue to grow in our knowledge of the Scriptures as well as help equip us in sharing our faith and loving our church. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters in Australia who have served us in America so faithfully through this ministry. I am confident the Lord will bless this new resource in amazing ways!

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