Farewell Chappo

John Chapman, our beloved brother in the Lord, who is one of Australia’s greatest evangelists, and did more than any to raise the standard of Bible preaching in evangelicalism in Sydney, has gone to be with the Lord tonight. So many of us are so glad we have his books still with us. But we will miss him so much. 

To encourage I share with you an article he wrote back in 2009 for the Australian Church Record. I have been saving it for just this day.

Do you know any Christians who can honestly echo the words of the Apostle Paul in Phil.1:21-24, about departing to be with Christ being so much better? I am hard pressed to think of any. We are well settled in this life. For many we feel that if the New Creation is really better than what we have it can only be marginal! I hope I am mistaken, but these verses are a shock for 21st century minds.


We seem to be not like the New Testament writers in this matter and therefore not having God’s mind.


That brings me to the verse in Romans 8:18. ‘I consider that our present suffering is not to be compared with the glory which will be revealed’.


Can I ask you if you ever give time to think about the glory which will be revealed? If you are like me, I suspect you give very little. Do you think the Bible writers are like this? What is the reason for this?


I wonder if we have been conned by the spirit of our age? If it is true, and I suspect it is, that Australians are hedonists we will have little time to think about death. Death laughs in the face of hedonism. Against all the evidence we persist in believing that it won’t happen to nice people like us. Trust me it will.


Do you ever think it might be time to get ready for eternity? It is obviously more important than life here and now.


The first step in preparation would be to see that I was ‘right with God’. I am not naturally right with God. If this were the case there would have been no reason for the Lord Jesus to come into the world and to die, taking the punishment our sins deserved. We need to repent of a life lived in independence of God and to trust in the death of the Lord Jesus as our only means of forgiveness and being ‘right with God’.


We should contemplate the New Creation where we will be ‘Like Jesus’. What a joy that will be. I will be perfectly in God’s image. That’s a thing to be longed for. ‘The glory which will be revealed’ will so dwarf our life here that it will take on the significance of our first day at kindergarten.

Trust what God says: It will be glorious. And long for it to come.


John Chapman

Source (pdf): Australian Church Record, # 1898, December 2009

Thank you Chappo. We praise God giving you to us all.

Warmly in Christ,
Sandy Grant

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  2. I picked up John’s last book only last Wednesday, Making the Most of the Bible. In writing a chapter on “the message at the heart of the Bible”, Chappo says, “That message centres on the forgiveness of sins and the promise of life after death that Jesus offers to us all.” (p41)

    After reviewing several passages on the new creation, the last being Revelation 21:1-4, John writes these great words, which I read with tears tonight (p47):

    It is so hard to imagine. No more death! No more parting! No more pain! No more sorrow! God will wipe away all tears from their eyes! Let it roll on!

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  4. I had a great privilege to spend some time with John and the Department of Evangelism’s Annual Retreat when visiting Sydney over 10 years ago. I can still remember his wisdom, humility and passion for the Gospel. Those days have still remained some of the most memorable of my life and journey as a Christian. All glory to God for His servant John and the lives that he has touched, including mine. See you soon, Chappo.

  5. Chappo had a big influence on me in my days at Theological college. I loved this guy so much. When he greeted you, he would always greet you with the biggest smile, a twinkle in his eye, and he would always remember your name, even though he may have only meet you once. He would say your name as if you were the most special person in the world. and it was because he had the love of God flowing through him, to everyone he met. I’ll never forget what I learned from him. His lessons on evangelism rocked my world and gave me the confidence to share God’s love with others in a way that I didn’t know how before I did his classes. We will miss him terribly down here, but I can tell you, Jesus is happy to be hanging out with Chappo now, he’s been waiting for this day I’m sure.

  6. What a godly influence Chappo had on us Queensland Baptists. He spoke at our annual School of Theology later Pastors and Spouses conference. He made a great impact on me but also had the opportunity to play tennis with him at our 1982 School and later a wonderful round of golf. May the God of all Grace bring all comfort as we reflect on a God honouring life.

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  10. He had a profound influence here in England.
    Biblical winsome humorous faithful.
    How we need more like that!

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