Teaching our kids Two Ways to Live

by Andy, age 5

The other day, my husband Steve told our four children to grab a piece of paper and a pen. Then he rolled out those old, familiar words: “God is the loving ruler of the world…”.

We’re teaching the gospel outline Two Ways to Live to our kids. Steve told them they’ll get five dollars for every panel they get word-perfect. Actually, he wanted to give them one dollar, which says something about what a dollar was worth back when he was a child!

We figure that kids have great memories, so why not make the most of this by stuffing their heads with good things? And what better to fill their heads with than a simple gospel outline?

So far, our eight-, eleven- and thirteen-year-olds are word-perfect on the first panel. We’re yet to see if the five-year-old can get his head around it. Although now I think about it, jelly-beans might be a better bribe reward for him than a five dollar note.

Oh, and we’re getting the Two Ways to Live app on our daughter’s iPod.

4 thoughts on “Teaching our kids Two Ways to Live

  1. I love this idea, apart from the motivational techniques! I will definitely keep going with memory verses and will now include a gospel outline, what a great idea. My kids love learning songs and enjoy memory verses to songs, and there are some good CDs out there. I’m currently using MV1, a CD released by my church (MBM Rooty Hill ) and it’s working well.

    • :) Yeah, I wondered how many people would have problems with our “motivational technique”!! Not one we use often – mostly I just teach them passages of the Bible – but still…Hope your kids enjoy learning a gospel outline.

  2. Jean – we are currently playing ‘ask or answer’ at the dinner table after bible reading time and it works great!! My six year loves asking!!! This is another great idea – keep them coming. I teach Christian studies and use twtl all the time. In fact just about any question a kid asks me can be answered using the structure of twtl!!!

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