9 Reasons for Consecutive Expository Preaching

I’ve read some good posts recently from the blogger at ScribblePreach, Nicholas McDonald. Here he gives 9 Reasons to Reconsider Preaching Verse-by-Verse from the Biblical text. (Please note he does not mean preaching just on a single verse at a time!)

McDonald is especially writing to millennial preachers, but I think the reasons are sound across the generations. There are some ‘left field’ reasons in there which I’ve not heard put quite this way before, along with some familiar ones.

Here is the summary of his 9 reasons.

  1. It eliminates the frustration of non-brilliant communicators.
  2. It retains Biblical Structure.
  3. It cuts prep time.
  4. It encourages faithfulness for those without theological training.
  5. It feels organic yet simple.
  6. It builds bridges between generations.
  7. It appeals to ancient rather than modern authority.
  8. It allows for more personal style.
  9. It compliments personal Bible reading without being overwhelming.

Although no one method of preaching has descended from the heavens on stone tablets— beyond the absolute necessity to preach the Scriptures as God’s authoritative and sufficient word to us—I am still convinced that what my circles have called systematic expository preaching ought to be our bread and butter.

Read the whole article to see him expand his points. What other advantages would you mention?

(You may also like his recent encouragement to listen well and ask questions before you evangelise as a help to your evangelism.)

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