Praying for Sydney’s Anglican Election Synod

[For those outside of Sydney Anglican circles: the election of a new Archbishop will take place early next week. Please pray for those making the decisions, and for the leadership of the new Archbishop both within the Sydney diocese and beyond. —Ed.]

Prayer always brings glory to God, as we express our confidence in his willingness and ability to help us as well as his interest in the details of our life. To think the creator and sovereign ruler of the universe would pay attention to our requests—about the trivialities of our lives—is humbling and exciting. That we can call the Almighty, “Father” is wonderful beyond description.

This week the Anglican diocese of Sydney comes to electing a new Archbishop. Synod will be meeting for a few nights to try to come to agreement about who it should be. It is not the most important decision we ever make, but it is a decision we have to make, and it does affect many aspects of church life.

So this week is an important time for prayer. We want God to bless our decision, and that overriding our desires, he will appoint the man he thinks best suits his plans for the diocese. So please pray for:

  • Wisdom for the synod as it makes its decision. The wisdom from above pure and peaceable, open to reason. (Jas 3:13-18)
  • Unity for the diocese, that straight after the election we will be eager to maintain the unity in the bond of peace as we get back to working together in the common purpose of the gospel. (Eph 4:1-6)
  • Robert Forsyth as he presides at the Synod, leading it in righteousness, justice and fairness.
  • Glenn and Di Davies, Rick and Michelle Smith, that as other people make judgements, give speeches and make decisions about their future, they may be free from anxiety and worry but rather, rejoicing in the Lord, may know the peace of God that keeps us in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:4-7)
  • Their children, as they can so easily be hurt by the process and disruption of their family life.
  • The speakers on the floor of synod that nobody bears false witness but each may speak the truth in love. (Eph 4:25-32)
  • The synod representatives as they weigh what is said and cast their votes according to the persuasion of reason in accordance with their conscience.
  • The new Archbishop as he faces the media immediately after the election, that he may point to Jesus and be presented to society fairly and appropriately.
  • Russell Powell of Anglican Media as he seeks to explain to the public press the meaning and significance of what is happening in electing an archbishop.
  • The candidate who doesn’t get elected that he may return to his ministry full of joy and energy and be accepted and welcomed back into his work.
  • Our diocese as we take to our hearts our new Archbishop, and learn to adapt to and submit appropriately to his leadership.
  • Our Cathedral’s acceptance of our new Archbishop as he takes up his seat in the Cathedral, not just on the night of his installation but also as a member of  congregational life.

God has richly blessed Sydney with two godly brothers who, not seeking the appointment, are willing to serve at our request. What a rich treasure in the gospel this is. As we pray to God, let us remember to join our prayers with thanksgiving for all the blessings he has given us as his people, as a church, as a diocese and for these two men and their families.

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