A different centre of gravity

This heartwarming feedback just came in from Dave, a pastor here in Sydney:

I’m not a teary kind of bloke. Last night, though, I was almost at the point of crying as we went around the room and people shared what they’d got out of doing The Course of Your Life. In the week following the weekend away one lady has told virtually everyone she’s met about Jesus and started praying all the time; another lady has cut back her excessive work hours and is praying far more frequently; three men shared how they’ve started speaking about Christian things in conversations at work where in the past they would’ve kept quiet; one of them gets in the car a few minutes earlier each day so he can pray for opportunities to speak about Jesus at work; another guy can’t stop reading Colossians because it’s just so exciting.

What was most significant was the changes in people’s understanding that was driving these practical steps. Their world view has changed. They now have a different centre of gravity – Jesus. One man said he’d always wanted God to show him a specific plan for his life and until then he could get on and do what he wanted. He now realises that God has a general plan that we all need to be involved in. It isn’t just about becoming Christian but also Christians being changed towards maturity.  He finally knows what it means to have Jesus at the centre of his life. That not only comforts him but also directs him through real hardship in life.

The best promo would be if you came out here with a video camera and recorded some of these people talking about it for themselves.  As you can tell, I’m a big fan and want to see [the course] used well.

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