What if?

2012. A new year. Resolutions, decisions, choices to be made. What if…?

Over on Kevin DeYoung’s blog, guest blogger Jason Helopoulos asks this intriguing question:

“What if? What if there was a movement among the people in our Christian church pews? Not just any movement, but a movement where lay people were willing to consider, entertain, and act upon a different impulse than is normal in our decision making.”

He then goes on to apply that idea to Christians making radical decisions about where to live based on the need to plant churches. It’s worth reading in full. I think he’s right. It would “alter the landscape”.

But let’s not leave it hanging there as a wistful theoretical question: “What if…?”

Let’s ask: what would it take for lay people to “act on a different impulse” as suggested?

The Bible’s answer: it would take the Holy Spirit applying the life-changing truths of the gospel in a way that deeply impacts  both my heart and my way of thinking about the course of my life. It would need me to prayerfully soak in God’s word and its revolutionary message, thinking carefully about the practical implications for my choices and decisions. And, I suspect, it would also be helpful to have the assistance and prayerful encouragement of a group of Christian brothers and sisters who were doing the same thing alongside me.

Enter a new resource: The Course of Your Life: a personal revolution.

Don’t just ask “what if…?”. If you’d like to see yourself and other Christians acting on a different impulse in 2012, why not plan to gather a group of 8-10 people at the beginning of this new year, and commit together to carefully and thoroughly consider The Course of Your Life?

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