So what does the gathering look like? (Part 5)


This is the fifth and final meeting template that I’ve been working on in recent months. (Check out part 1 for the background and the first template, and parts 2, 3 and 4 for the others.)

This meeting pattern is good to insert into the program at least every month to six weeks, in my view. It’s a change of pace—a morning of more extended singing and prayer—an opportunity to pause and give thanks and celebrate God’s goodness. It’s thrillingly called ‘Extra singing and prayer’.

Template 5: Extra singing and prayer

9:30 Introduction: What this morning is about, why we’re here.
9:33 Two songs, medley-style—straight from one into the next.
9:39 Prayers and thanksgiving (part 1)

  • confession
  • extended time of thanksgiving for answered prayer, God’s good gifts, etc.)
  • saying a psalm.
9:49 Song (possibly learn a new song, or perhaps a solo item).
9:54 Bible readings.
9:57 Sermon—a bit shorter this time.
10:27 Song (related to sermon if possible).
10:30 Prayers (part 2)

  • especially responding to sermon
  • an open prayer time with mics for the congregation to use
  • use classic prayers and collects from the Puritans, the Anglican Prayer Book, and so on
  • close with the Lord’s Prayer.
10:36 Song (possibly repeat the new song learned earlier).
10:39 Announcements and family news.
10:45 Morning tea.

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