Making singleness better

Thank you for the many helpful articles in the May issue of The Briefing (#368). As a single Christian, I’ve found that getting stuck into a small local church has really helped to make singleness better. While I know that this might seem counter-productive (as it means the chances of meeting a future spouse are reduced), I would heartily commend it to others for the following reasons:

1. A small local church can become like a large extended family more easily than a larger church.

2. Smaller churches often struggle to find sufficient resources, both in terms of money and time. As a single Christian, you’ve normally got more of both—especially the latter—and so can, by God’s grace, make a real difference for the gospel. If you do decide to move to a smaller church, it would be worth considering whether you could work full or part-time as an apprentice for the first year or two in order to really get established in the church family.

3. By committing long-term to a small local church, you really do get to know people like family, and there are real opportunities for the gospel, and for you to grow as a Christian, which, while they exist in larger churches, are often harder to come by.

Thank you again.

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