From homosexuality to the gospel

Have you noticed how often non-Christians raise the issue of homosexuality with us these days? “Why is the church so anti-gay?” “What do you think about gay marriage?” “How can you be against two people being in a long-term, loving and supportive relationship? Why should it matter what gender they are?”

Next time a non-Christian raises this topic, instead of fumbling around, trying to find a convincing answer, try responding with “Why are you non-Christians so obsessed with sex and sexuality?”

Expect your non-Christian to respond like this: “What do you mean? It’s Christians who have always been obsessed with sex!” Then you can say, “Hey, no, that’s not true. I don’t want to talk about sexuality at all. I’d much rather talk about how God has shown his love for us in sending his Son, Jesus, to rescue us. That’s a far more important topic to talk about. Can we talk about that together?”

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