Undressing pornography


Pornography is a $7 billion-a-year industry worldwide. Pornographic films outnumber other films by three to one, and gross $1 million a day in the USA alone. British pornographic magazines sell 20 million copies a year. One American man in 10 reads Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler each month. Italian men spend $640 million on pornography a year, with pornographic videos representing 30-50 per cent of all Italian video sales. All that pornography, yet no-one talks about it. It’s like an unacknowledged cancer that metastasizes best when no-one goes for x-rays or feels for lumps. What is pornography and is it anything to get steamed up about? David Miles reports.


Pop goes the Gospel

Everyday Ministry

Scientists say that the only really earth-shattering event was when the earth collided with Mars to form the moon. This is a load of garbage. The only really earth-shattering event was when Jesus had the guts to die for the world, and by doing this, turn God’s anger away from us.