Worth the wait

Resource Talk

Should I decline to co-lead a Bible study if there are men in the group? Should I cover my head (and if so, would an old towel do)? Should I keep silent during the public question time in church at the end of the Bible talk? To whom am I to submit, since I don’t have a husband—to all men? In everything? (more…)

The Travel Bug

Interchange, Life

Emma Thornett’s short piece on the pleasures and pitfalls of travel generated much discussion about how, whether and why Christians travel. Read responses from


The trouble with travel


I’ve just spent a few weeks travelling and I’ve made a discovery: travelling and church-going don’t mix well. I found that it involved about 45,000 times more effort on my part to go to any church … let alone a church with good teaching! It wasn’t just a problem with my own motivation, either, or the distractions around me. I stayed with people who don’t go to church. I found it physically difficult to get around in some cities. There were obstacles at every turn.


Giving the Aesthetes a Black Eye

As golf courses are to road builders, so church buildings are to conservationists.

Churches have been scattered all over Australia from the earliest settlement. Church buildings are therefore some of the oldest buildings in our nation and people have a romantic, sentimental attachment to them. Especially people who never go! As one of our ancient sandstone relics comes into view, the eyes of the heritage greeny fill not with dollar signs, but with “Interim Conservation Order”. (more…)