Thanking pollies

I’ve written plenty of letters to our parliamentarians regarding particular policy issues, sometimes quite critical of positions they’ve taken. But have I taken time to thank them. Here’s my attempt at the end of the current term of our federal Parliament…

Dear X,

I hope you are well.

With the current Parliament having run its full term, and the election campaign underway, I am writing on behalf of parishioners of St Michael’s, some of whom reside in the electorate you represent. I am confident this note will also reflect the feeling of the wider Christian community in the Illawarra.

My message is very simple: thank you for your service of representing the residents of the Illawarra in the federal Parliament during this last term. We appreciate the many sacrifices this means for you and family members who support you.

Sometimes I have written in favour of particular policy directions set by the party you represent; other times in opposition; sometimes advocating for something else altogether.

In all cases, I continue to assure you of our prayers for you individually as a parliamentarian: for safety in travel and endurance, especially in long hours away from home; for your contribution to just and compassionate policy-making for the peace, safety and welfare of all Australians; and for the avoidance of the understandably real temptations towards such things as selfish ambition, name-calling, and petty point-scoring.

Whatever happens in the next election, we wish you well in the future. We also encourage you to consider the solemn claim made in the Preamble to our Australian Constitution that our way forward is still “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God”.

In our prayers for you, we commend you to his goodness, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Yours sincerely,


Canon Sandy Grant
Senior Minister
St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral

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  2. Just following up to report that so far, I got two personally written replies from among the three federal MPs I wrote to along these lines. It seems they were genuinely encouraged.

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