Re-booting for 2012

A new year dawns. Time to re-boot the exercise plan (for at least the next three weeks), the diet (I’ll give it four weeks), the regular Bible reading and prayer (no comment), and of course contributing to the Sola Panel.

Being in re-boot mode, I’ve been thinking about how to post more regularly and helpfully this year, and I’ve realised that there are two factors which sometimes hold me back from contributing more often.

The first is that I’m often unwilling just to share a short helpful idea and leave it at. Part of me always wants to provide the context, examine the alternatives, and explore the implications, and we’re up to 800 words and counting before you know it. But sometimes, a short helpful observation or encouragement is really all that is needed. I’m going to try to do that more this year.

The other thing that is sometimes a handbrake on my blogging productivity is commenting—that is, interacting with the comments on my posts. I enjoy it (well, most  of the time), and know that many of you also enjoy both reading and contributing to the comments. But I also find myself sometimes putting off writing a post because I know I simply don’t have the time to stay close to the discussion and be part of it.

So for the first few months of this year, I’m going to try turning off comments for most of my posts, and see if that helps my blogging frame of mind and productivity. (I’ll post a link to most SP posts on my Facebook page; so if you’re really desperate to make a comment, you could always send me a friend request… )

What do you think? Will the ‘less is more’ approach be more productive and useful in the long run? If only the comments were turned on, you could tell me  …

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