The timeless truths of an everlasting God


The Everlasting God by Broughton Knox is another ‘new’ book that has just become available through Matthias Media. But it’s not really new; it’s a new edition of a book that was first published more than 25 years ago.

I suppose it’s no guarantee these days of a book’s merit that it is still in print more than a quarter of a century after it was first published. But in this particular case, it certainly is.

Back in 2006, we included The Everlasting God in Volume 1 of our Collected Works of D Broughton Knox. But as stock of that volume starts to dwindle, we felt it was time to bring out a new and cheaper edition of The Everlasting God on its own again—an edition for a new generation of Christians who want to better understand the character and attributes of the everlasting God.

Here are four reasons to buy this book:

  1. You’ve never owned or read it before. You should read it; it’ll do you a power of good.
  2. You’ve lost or given away your copy. Which probably means you haven’t read it for some time. Get another copy and read it again. It’s one of those books that repays a second, third or even annual reading.
  3. Your old copy doesn’t have the extensive Bible referencing that we added to the text of Dr Knox’s writing back in 2006. Get yourself a copy of this new edition and read it again, looking up each of the Scriptures that undergird so much of what Broughton wrote.
  4. You know someone who needs to grow in their understanding of who God is. (Anyone come to mind?)

You can download the contents page and first chapter for free from the The Everlasting God page in the Matthias Media online store.

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