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The next in my series of posts introducing some of our recent releases at Matthias Media is about a tract called It’s Time to Come Home.

Let me start by pinching some comments Tony made recently in The Briefing:

With a little reflection, perhaps the continued popularity of tracts is not so surprising. They might not mount mind-blowing theological arguments, or be masterpieces of literature. They might not be trendy or on the cutting edge of digital culture. But they are short. They are cheap. They are easy to buy and give away. And most of all, if you want to start a conversation with someone—or continue a conversation that’s been going on for some time—they are hard to beat.

Tracts don’t pretend to answer every question. They teach the truth in bite-sized chunks that require a very small investment—of money from the purchaser/giver and of time from the recipient/reader. And so, for gospel-hearted, ministry-minded people who are trying to take one step forward in the gospel with friends, family, neighbours, or visitors at church, tracts are an excellent tool. They provoke conversation. The fact that they continue to sell in such volume suggests that many people recognize this. (source)

When Tony wrote those comments, he was explaining the release of a collection of three new tracts: When money disappears overnight, Atheism is definitely wrong, and Can we trust what the Gospels say about Jesus?

Now we have another tract, written by Andrew Mahaffey. But this tract is a little different from some of our others. This time it’s personal. In a very engaging and accessible way, Andrew tells of his own descent into a destructive lifestyle full of drugs, alcohol and wild living, and parallels it with the story in Luke 15: the parable of the Prodigal Son.

It’s a powerful combination of two stories—both of which point people to the gracious love of their heavenly Father, and the forgiveness they can find with him.

You can download and read the full tract from the It’s Time to Come Home page in the Matthias Media online store.

One thought on “It’s time

  1. Very interesting, conceptually, that is, a tract…as a point for discussion.

    I can’t be buying them, as am a retired and disabled U.S. military veteran on tight budgets.

    But conceptually, a tract? 

    I find it commendable, however. Given my limitations, I might just produce a simpler trifold for some locals in my area. 

    Thank you. I look forward to your further posts.


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