The gospel and the quiet time

Paul Grimmond’s article on ‘The gospel and the quiet time’ was fabulous. I have noticed over the past few years that The Briefing encourages us in the week between Christmas and New Years of the need to start again in our Bible reading and praying (i.e. in time to get in on our New Years’ resolution list). Paul’s article does this very graciously. (I’ve got to admit, this is actually the best way to win me over; I don’t usually respond well to the ‘firm rebuke’.) So thank you, Paul!

More generally, I would like to thank you for (and encourage you to continue) including at least one article in The Briefing for which I don’t require either a theological degree or a good night’s sleep to be able to read. I am an educated woman who holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Science, and I run my own small business, but some of the big words and sentences are just too big for me. This is okay, because I’m sure that some of the small words and small sentences that are perfect for me are too small for many other people. Regarding the good night’s sleep, my youngest child is now five. I am in no way the worst-suffering of people in this category, but sometimes nappy brain overrides the brain’s fundamental functions of alertness and concentration. This makes the big sentences absolutely enormous! And then we don’t have time to re-read the same section several times over because someone needs feeding or changing, and so on. So I want to say thank you for keeping at least one article at my level!

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