Free Briefing subscription offer. But hurry!

Judging by the site stats, which we have been keeping an eye on (but not obsessively), The Sola Panel has lots of readers from Canada and the US. Here’s a deal I thought you should know about.

Marty Sweeney at Matthias Media USA is currently giving away 500 free 6-month subscriptions to our favourite evangelical magazine, The Briefing. There’s no catch (apart from the fact that you need to live in North America and not already be a subscriber). Click here for all the details, and to sign up.

But you’ll need to hurry. Marty is finalizing the final numbers in the next day or so.


3 thoughts on “Free Briefing subscription offer. But hurry!

  1. Gavin, envy is a curse.

    If you want your free Briefing subscription each year you will have to write an article for us!

    ; -)

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