Building the Christian library: Systematic Theology (In Understanding Be Men)

In Understanding Be Men

T.C. Hammond (IVP)

There are many books on Christian doctrine, but the one to start with is In Understanding Be Men. It is thoroughly Evangelical. Hammond’s intention was to present “the main outline of evangelical thought”.

For a number of parish pastors this book has been an old and valued friend, though perhaps forgotten at times. For younger people commencing a stage of deeper study of Scripture and leadership of other students, Hammond’s outline of doctrine is a valuable resource and companion on the road to Christian maturity.

  1. The book is divided into seven sections:
  2. Final Authority in Matters of Faith
  3. The Godhead
  4. Man and Sin
  5. The Person and Work of Christ; the doctrine of the Atonement
  6. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  7. The Christian and the Church
  8. The Last Things

In Understanding Be Men is a book for the Christian who is willing to study the Scriptures. There are no anecdotes or jokes to lighten or fill the pages. This is meat all the way.

The basic pattern in each section is:

  1. An Outline of the Evangelical Doctrine, together with an historical review of divergent views.
  2. Scriptural References from which the doctrine is derived. These are carefully selected and therefore well worth the effort of the research.
  3. Study Questions. Their object is to force the reader to consider more carefully the key points, either alone or in a group discussion.
  4. An Updated Bibliography. References to other larger specialised works.

Since the book was originally written (on Hammond’s long sea voyage from England to Australia), the book has been updated in bibliography and content (in minor places).

In Understanding Be Men is the size of your average paper-back but is equivalent in content and weight to a hardcover book twice its size–the basic book on Christian doctrine for personal study and for teaching others the truths about our Christian faith.

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